Our Strength
The Indian Black Tiger Shrimp is the taste king of the crustacean family consisting of crabs, lobsters and shrimps. Nothing in the whole world compares with it in taste, adaptability to cuisine and whole freshness.
Tandel's is the most accepted name in the hatchery, farming and processing of this delicacy.
We have our own hatchery where our seed stocks are breed under tight observation. The eggs are collected and hatched in aerated sea water pumped in from the Arabian Sea. The hatchlings are released in to the farm at a tender age and their growth is monitored on a daily basis. No steroids or antibiotics are used in the farm or any other areas so that our products are totally hygenic, safe & secure. As per shrimps size requirement this shrimps are then harvested and them send to the processing plant with required details, attached to the crates through the entire processing procedure at Tandel's and are then printed on the cartons of the finished produce. Each stage of the process is documented and all our stocks can be traced back directly to the Brood stock Level.
Our hatchery situated at Kakwadi, a coastal village near Valsad in Gujarat, has a Production capacity of 60 million seeds per annum. An ideal location for shrimp hatchery, the site has ample sources of both fresh water and seawater. The unit is well designed and constructed with necessary features including water treatment. Comprising of individual larval rearing, the hatchery unit is supervised by well -experienced technicians. We also have Outdoor Nursery, Algae and Artemia culture tanks.
Hatchery Operations
  • WSSV and MBV screening are done for all brooders upon arrival at Quarantine.
  • Matured animals are spawned in individual tanks and posts spawning for WSSV & MBV tests are conducted.
  • Further screening at Post Larvae 5 for WSSV & MBV
  • Proper Egg & Naupli washing with clean seawater, iodine and formalin.
  • Intake water is passed through Slow sand filter, Rapid sand filters, Chlorination Process, Activated carbon filter, Cartridge filters up to 1 Micron and finally passes through UV filtration.
  • All production facilities are Isolated, Independent to avoid cross contamination.
  • Bio-Security at every level production.
  • Nested PCR with capacity to run 121 samples in one run.
  • Microbiology for Bacterial count and MBV analysis is through Microscopic observation.
  • Water Analysis for Measurement of physical and chemical parameters.
  • Unit equipped with Modern Independent Isolated Maturation and Individual spawning
  • Hatching, indoor and outdoor algae, Artemia section, and Water treatment units
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