Touching Lives
Along with our promise to our customers and to our environment, there is one another vital promise we live up to - the promise to our community. We endeavour to uplift the lives of people in our immediate vicinity and promote their welfare. Through better education, employment opportunities and community improvement services and activities, we try to sustain the economy around us and make a difference by touching lives.
We consider the welfare of our business dependent upon the social health of our employees and the towns. Therefore there is a concerted effort on our part in the areas of infrastructure development and environmental education, in partnership with government agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs) and community associations.
We have developed a strong framework to guide the society towards environmental and social sustainability, through strategic steps like town planning and community development programming. Understanding the needs of the local people, their value systems, and encouraging pride of place by validating and respecting local traditions and customs are all critical to such development programs.
We provide poverty-alleviation opportunities that don't compromise culture and heritage. By providing ample opportunities to fishing communities, we have also helped fishermen revive their occupation and livelihood. Making them an active part of our modernised shrimp farming process has helped us to educate them on the varied benefits of commercial shrimp farming.
How we make a difference:
  • Donation for educational development of schools around us.
  • Drinking water facilitation in schools & public places.
  • Employment in our different projects of local people.
  • Financial help to develop co curricular activities in schools.
  • Mangroves plantation around our farms to save the nature.
  • Donation for social activities like ( Blood camps, awarding schemes, Clothes & financial helps for individuals who are not able to pay the necessity )
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