Back To Nature
Even as we bring truly farm fresh quality to customers, we live up to our vision of revitalizing our ecosystem. We have ensured this by adopting a purely environment friendly farming method.
Along with following environmental farming, we take into consideration the effect on our immediate surroundings too. We value and believe in preserving our habitat the way it's meant to be, naturally. And hence we ensure no harm comes to it by way of our processes, technology used or production wastage. Our environment friendly farms are covered with mangroves, and here you will find nature co-existing with modern technology in harmony.
The presence of buffer zones, improved pond design, reduction of water exchange, and an improved residence time of water, size and capacity to assimilate effluents of the water body are some of the steps we have implemented in our farms to ensure better and effective environment management. This helps us keep better control over our environmental footprints and make this planet a better place.
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