Our Strength
Technology guides our quality at par with international standards. Our systems and operations are EU certified and in tandem with the regulations laid done by governing agencies across the globe.
We are committed to meeting our customers' needs through consistent and timely delivery of qualitative products with:
  • Safe and Secure raw materials from own culture farms and approved suppliers
  • Continual improvement by total involvement of employees
  • HACCP & Quality Management System
Along with delivering high quality farm fresh shrimps, we are committed to ensuring traceability of each and every shrimp produced in our farm. Which effectively means, our customers in any part of the world, can track back the exact place of the shrimp's origin from the table to the farm - even right back to the brood stock stage through our easily traceable hatchery operations. This ease and transparency in our service is a simple reflection of how far we go to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.
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